Compliance & Taxation

Have a business idea and ready to get started?
Have you been running a business and now want to get things in order?
Are you a Sole Trader or Partnership and want to become a Company?
Registration  Package

If the answer is yes to any of these questions, then contact us, this is the right service for you.  We offer all these services in one neat bundle.

Consultation on the type of entity that best suits your business goals.

Business Registration

Business/Company Name Search
Business/Company Registration
National Insurance Registration
Board of Inland Revenue Registration

Financial Preparation

Value Added Tax Registration (if applicable)
Preparation for opening Bank Account

Registrar General Companies Registry

The Companies Registry (“the Registry”) is a division within the Registrar General’s Department (‘RGD’). The Registry is under the direct administration of the Registrar General. The Registrar General is the Registrar General of Business Names under the Registration of Business Names Act, Ch. 82:85, and the Registrar General of Newspapers pursuant to the Newspapers Act, Ch. 20:01. The Registrar General is also the Registrar of Companies for the purposes of the Companies Act, Ch. 81:01.

Business Registration

Let’s start the process of registering your business. Click apply now to fill out and submit the form below. We will be in touch once we review the details.

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Compliance  Package

Once your business/company is up and running then we urge everyone to be compliant and remain compliant.  Even if you fell behind on your statutory commitments, it is never to late to get things back in order….BETTER LATE THAN LATER is what we say!

Let us ensure you are always compliant with this tight bundle.

  • Preparation and Filing of Annual Returns (where applicable)
  • Calculation and submission of Green Fund, Business Levy and Corporation Tax
  • Calculation and submission of Value Added Tax (VAT)


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